Objects Lost and Found!

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There is a new antiques shop in Houston – Objects Lost & Found, or to make it all a little easier on the tongue, just Objects.  Located in the heart of antiques central on Ferndale, Objects owes its start to last year’s Hurricane Ike.  Proprietor Sharon Perry has had her offices at this charming house for years.   An architect/interior designer with more impressive credentials than President Obama:  she graduated with a degree in Architecture from  Rice University and earned her major degree from Harvard, Perry has dreamed of running an antiques shop in her office for a long while.    In fact for the past three years she has been quietly amassing antiques from France and warehousing them, waiting for just the perfect time to open.   Once Hurricane Ike blew through last year and  her office suffered storm damage – it gave Perry the  excuse to finally open Objects.  Since reconstruction work was going to have to be done anyway – why not reconfigure the office into a shop?   The turnover was easy -  she had plenty of room on the second floor for her architecture and interior design business – so upstairs all the offices went.  While the downstairs was being turned into the charming shop, Perry flew off to France yet again to really get down to the business of buying.  It all came together last month when she opened the doors to the newest shop on antique row. 



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The shop is spread out over three main rooms – it is filled with antiques, mostly “smalls,” lamps, and accent furniture such as pairs of consoles.   What sets Objects apart is that it caters to those in the accessorizing phase - that time at the end of a project when the shelves and table tops are waiting to be styled - but finding just those right objects can be one  of the  more time consuming  duties an interior decorator faces.  As a designer herself,  Perry recognized the need for one-stop shopping for all things “accessory” and has merchandised Objects as such.   I suspect interior designers will flock to the shop for the special touches that make a room complete.



First stop is a wall of lamps, mostly in pairs, and mostly custom designed by Perry.    On the bottom shelves is a collection of boxes – perfect for side tables and coffee tables. 


brownobjects 030

On this round bakers rack are scores of decorative plates and Majolica -  highly collectable ceramics.




I love this line up of parrots on the mantel!   Sharon said she has a real bird theme going on throughout the shop. 




Naturally I was drawn to this beautiful pair of painted antique French chairs.   Sharon loves the original muslin lining  as much as I do – I wouldn’t have recovered these either!  Why do muslin linings look so fresh and attractive now?   Funny how times and taste changes. 






Another favorite of mine was this stunning Spanish styled table, painted, and topped with aged stone.    I could see using this outside on a covered porch or inside in a dining room, either one!  I really love this table!!




Another favorite was this painted console – it is actually one of a pair.  More majolica rests on top, along with birds and a birdcage. 



imageThis charming armoire with chicken wire is filled with framed prints. 



image The second room has shelves filled with goodies mostly from Sharon’s trips to France.



brownobjects 048

My mother, sister and I all collect tole or tin boxes.   Mostly, when we are lucky, we might find small biscuit tins from the English company Huntley Palmer.   But this piece dwarfs all of our carefully collected tins:   it is a large display that once held different spices – probably used in a market, Sharon said.  I was drooling over this!!!!   


imageA close up of the spice dispenser – here you can see the mustard and cinnamon compartments.  




A painted chest with a zinc mirror.  Antique drapery hardware sits in a wooden crate atop the chest.



image In the third room:  I love this sofa and the pair of demi lune consoles flanking it.   The scrolled iron wall hangings are antique French burglar bars, Sharon quipped. 




brownobjects 076

A large collection of English and French inkwells sit atop a vanity table in the third room.


 image And finally, one of the more unique objects in the shop is this lavabo in the shape of a turtle!  Sharon, being both an architect and an interior designer, is hoping someone will buy this and ask her to design a powder room around it.   I hope they do too – she has all the plans drawn up in her head, just waiting for them!!!

 A special thank you Sharon for the tour of your beautiful shop Objects!


Objects is located at 2815 Ferndale, off Kirby between Westheimer and Alabama.    For these next two weeks, Objects is participating in the Holiday Card for the American Cancer  Society.     It is open Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays by appointment.






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Tara Shaw welcomes  authors Rhonda Eleish and Edie Van Breems to her Houston store this Friday from 2 until 5 pm  for a book signing and lecture on decorating with Swedish furniture.   On Saturday, the same event will be held in New Orleans.  If you can, please be sure to attend – it  should be a great event!




HOUSTON:  Tara Shaw’s  at 1845-a West Alabama

Friday, October 23 at 2:00 until 5:00 pm

For more information call:   713-533-9744







Its that time again, The Urban Market, Houston’s version of Round Top, will be open this  coming November 8th.   For more information, go HERE.  

Sunday, November 8th
9am-4pm @ 607 E. Whitney, 77022
The Knights of Columbus Fields


  1. objects looks amazing... i love the idea behind it- a one-stop shop for the accessorizing phase... I wish it were near me!!!

    Have so much fun at the book signing!!! Lucky lucky!!!


  2. Joni, Where did that photo come from that you used to announce the Urban Market? I REALLY like the statue that is highlighted and wondered if I could hunt it down somehow.

    Thanks for whatever information you can pass along.

  3. I hope someone hires her to design that powder room, too. And that you snap a shot so I can see it - terrific!

  4. Joni, Thank you for the mention for The Urban Market! So excited it's coming up! I hope to see you out there ~ it's going to be a great day.

  5. How beautiful! I just don't mean the accessories and furnishings either ~ her displays, the flooring, the paint color ~ I love the atmosphere of the whole place. I can only imagine that it is so much better in person.

  6. Joni, what a beautiful shop. I wish we had something like that in our neighborhood. Lot's of driving to find such a treasure box!

    Funny, my address is Ferndale too.
    A little further north-east...


  7. What an amazing antique shop. I could spend hours in there and spend a fortune I'm sure.
    Hayley x

  8. Joni, one of my favorite things about your blog is the way you "nail" certain aspects of our jobs as decorators, specifically how time-consuming and sometimes difficult the accessorizing phase of a project is. Beautifully accessorized rooms look so effortless in photographs, but half the time my clients won't let me spend the time necessary to hunt for the icing on the cake. Blast! I'll definitely try Objects!

  9. Wow! Wonderful shop! You Houstonians have the best antiques!

  10. That looks like a great place to spend some time poking around. So much to see and take in! I love that small sofa--just perfect!


  11. Joni, Joni, Joni! Thank you soooo much for stopping by and leaving such a fantastic comment, but I need you to come back!!!! PLEASE!!!! There is a post up today and I need your advice.

  12. I have to tell you I purchased that beautiful swedish cabinet you posted on your blog a couple of weeks ago, I got it at Roundtop. I put a picture on my new blog with my staffordshiresl in it. Love love love it!!! Thanks to you!! Hope to get to this new shop next time I am in Houston. I love all the accessories! Great idea!! So needed!

  13. Oh my what a wonderful collection! Love those green parrots and the great big bird cage. How lucky are you to have a such great places so close.

  14. Jenny - I got it off the urban market web site!


    try email them!

  15. Okay, here's the deal. I have a Huntley-Palmer biscuit tin that didn't sell at the show I just did. You buy me the turtle lavabo and the table with the stone top and I will send you the biscuit tin?! Sound fair?

    What a fabulous shop! She has amassed a beautiful collection of items and you, as always, did a splendid job of sharing with us. Thank you!!

  16. Congratulations to Sharon Perry on the new shop and landing the recognition on your blog! You continue to give us the very best in shopping Houston!

  17. Sharon's shop is divine, there is too much to mention that I love, love, love!I agree with Mrs B re the tortoise fountain/sink, how cool would that be!

  18. Wonderful shop, Joni!

    I enjoyed catching up with you, this morning.

  19. It's the lamps that I love, the right lamps really make or break a room!

  20. Ooooh. I love love love that spanish table...and the chairs!

    I pulled some of the fabric off of a chair I am redoing HOPING to find muslin underneath...which I would have left...no luck. Darn!

    Looks like another (of the so many) wonderful places to shop in your neck of the woods!

  21. It doesn't take much to have more credentials than BO!! (Just have to tease your liberal tendencies ;)

    Seriously, that is one LOVELY store - I'm going back to do some more e-shopping & drooling right now!!

  22. Wonderful things to discover here!
    Sometimes I think that all beautiful French pieces are to discover in the US!!


  23. Oh, that looks like a totally fun place to browse!! Wow, I'd love that.

  24. Joni,

    Is there a tel. number for the "Objects" store? I googled it- but nothing came up. Thanks.


  25. Nomita,

    This is the number I found for the store:

    (713) 523-8496

  26. Joni, I am always ooooing and ahhhing when I come to your blog, and I'm always thinking that there are a lot of advantages to living in a big city. What wonderful shopping places! This one is another fabulous place! laurie

  27. Joni-

    Love the shop tour! I love the chiseled sone table, the vintage prints, those French chairs! Wish I was closer to visit!


  28. Why are all the good finds in Houston? Lucky you!

  29. What a beautiful shop!
    Love-love-love those parrots!!

  30. I LOVE all parrots on the mantel! I would love to have lunch and shop the next time I am in town (hopefully in March).

  31. What a wonderful store she has created! I saw so many pieces that I LOVED! Wish I was close by and coud stop in and SHOP!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful tour! Pinky

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