12 July 2009

Sunday Fun: Fashion, Feed Bags, & Fabric




Jane Schott, Houston pillow-maker extraordinaire, is always sending interesting tidbits to my email.   Sometimes, it’s Bill Cunningham’s latest “On the Street" video if it’s a particularly good one.  Cunningham is the fashion photographer for the NY Times and on Sundays he puts his thoughts and snapshots to music.   This week is a fun one:  The 4th of July on the newly elevated street downtown.    To watch it – go here.   And, if you haven’t seen his videos before – look at the old ones.   They’re always wonderful.   Enjoy!



As for Jane Schott, a long time resident of Houston, and one of the originators of the fabulous Urban Market  (Houston’s own version of Round Top) is pulling up stakes and moving to Florida.  We’ll miss you Jane!!!!    Jane makes the most fabulous pillows – to see her handiwork, visit her web site,  here


image Of course Jane is up on the hottest trend going – European feed bag pillows.  To die for!



image Beadboard UpCountry, located in Brenham, Texas – a short 60 minute drive from Houston.   And yes, it IS this cute!  I mean, how ADORABLE is this????


And finally, all this talk of linen lately makes me think of my favorite destination store – Beadboard UpCountry in nearby Brenham.  If you are planning to go to Round Top this October with Eddie Ross and  Jaithan Kochar (go here for details!) – you need to be sure and stop by Beadboard UpCountry and visit my friend Maryanne, whose brainchild is this delightful shop - full of French and Belgian styled goodies.   My recent post on Top Ten Design Elements - #1 Linen, reminded me of the fabulous linen line from Belgium that Beadboard UpCountry carries.    Here is how Maryanne describes the Belgian linen:

“One of my favorite fabrics to use is the Belgian Linen Libeco Lagae.    The Napoli Vintage is fabulous and available in tabletop and cut yardage.   AND this is the kicker -  it is 94"wide and comes in fabulous colors!   So no seams on a lot of stuff that would normally have seams.  We carry it in the shop, and you can see it on their web site here.     It also ships very quickly, sometimes faster than American suppliers.  The longest it's ever taken from Belgium is 2 weeks and I've gotten it in as little as 4 days.   Amazing. AND their linen sheets are to die for…”

So, if you are in the market for fabulous Belgian linen, give Maryanne a call here:   1-979-830-8788.  The web site for Beadboard UpCountry is here.



A recent shot from Beadboard UpCountry!


Note:    I am putting the finishing touches on Cote de Texas Top Ten Design Elements:  #2.   It should be up by tomorrow morning!


  1. Hi Joni, I could not open the video...but after the comment I will search further to find it. As for Belgian linen my dream is to have them (not lined) as relaxed roman shades on my windows,South facing, mission impossible unless I change them every few years, but what a dream!

  2. Thanks again for another wonderful source Joni! Don't forget to stop by my giveaway on Monday morning!
    I just love the grainsack pillows!

  3. Hi Joni,
    I see you're still figuring about Ben's little cushions..
    maybe antique grainsacks will do it. The hemp is really strong, a little ruff perhaps on his cheek.

    Have a look at this link


    this is where I get all my antique linen from Hungary and France. Great individual stock comes in every 6 weeks.

    Another Belgian manufacturer is this


    they have the most prewashed gorgeous linen ever.
    To die for, has been my favourite for many years and I'm fussy while choosing textiles for my workshop.


  4. What a cute shop. I always what to redecorate after stopping here.

  5. Would love to see a whole post on Brenham homes. Any chance you might do something? I have family members who were born there...never have been...would love to see more!

  6. Love the burlap pillows. Great shop!

  7. Adorable. I wish there were more stores like this in the Philadelphia area :)

  8. OKAY! Thanks for the resources for belgian linen. Perfect!

  9. When are you going to Padre? We are staying here in this heat and I hope to live through your posts from the beach? Beach breezes? Need to know how it feels third person....
    Must get to Benham! Share your linen fetish!

  10. the link was broken - but I just fixed it! sorry!!!

  11. i love that you featured Beadboard..such a great store..we went to Ernie's (the restaurant next door)on Friday night (for our last pre-baby date night) and i just had to waddle over and look in the windows before we left..she had some wonderful linen tablecloths (gathered to the floor) and some fab lamps too!

  12. Joni- Thank you so much for all of these amazing sources and for your sweet comment on my blog.



  13. Looking forward to number 2 Joni...loved 1, xv.

  14. Hey Joni - Love Bill Cunningham and am so glad you know how to set him up on your site. I tried a while ago and never could get the link to work! Also, I always love seeing Beadboard UpCountry and wish we could meet there someday!! Have a great time at the beach,

    xo your technically challenged woulda been!

  15. I'm excited because when I followed the link I discovered that the Belgian linens are available about 25 miles from me, and I live in the middle of nowhere!

    - Suzanne

  16. Joni, Cunningham's video is wonderful. He is such a great commentator on our times and the fashion scene in NYC. I will have to watch more of his work!

  17. Thanks for the source, Joni! I can't pull up any audio till Mr. Magpie gets my computer fixed... hopefully before too long.


    Sheila :-)

  18. Ohh - I love Brenham! I shoot up 1774 to Anderson and then keep going North through Navasota and them by Chuck Norris' farm and just a few more picturesque miles and you are there...well at least in the historic district! Fun place to shop and walk around.

  19. That store looks amazing! And I thought Brenham was only good for Bluebell ice cream! Now there's a field trip outing for me too!

  20. Enough of the grainsack pillows enough suzanis trends look dated when they are all over the place.





  21. I love Jane...she made my Urban Market experiences very memorable. While setting up my booth one time, she sold me a necklace right off of her body! Florida is a damn lucky state to have such a fine woman in it's midst!

  22. Hi Joni, I love your blog! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Papillon Linens. Every single item on the bed is from this company, my company. Yes, there are even more sources for gorgeous Belgian linen and all of my products are made here, in the USA! My goods are fairly new to Beadboard Up Country and I am so thrilled that she is carrying my line, now. Thanks! Leigh Chandler

  23. I've just started carrying Papillion linens too. You should see them in person, they're absolutely exquisite. The linen is magnificent!

  24. Maryanne@Beadboard UpCountryJuly 14, 2009 at 9:03 AM

    Thanks for such a nice surprise Joni! The linens on this particular bed are Papillon linens, also Belgian, but made in the good ol USA. We just started carrying them and they are fabulous and generously sized.Available in 78 colors!!!

  25. ...what a wonderful way to spend my morning...of them all...and they were all incredible...none can touch the perfect bunny williams...but they all came close!

  26. Joni, the time and knowledge you share with your wonderful posts is so generous !
    I have been thinking about slipcovers for a sofa and for dining room chairs and this helps so much. It also made me stop and try to figure out how to get yards of linen washed, ah...twice ! I can just see it now, I will be ready to run down the street when it then has to be pressed before it’s cut ! Maybe just the chairs....small pieces.....

  27. Hi Joni,
    I especially enjoyed this blog post of yours. It is very informative and entertaining and inspirational!
    So I wasn't so wrong so many years ago - I think about 30 - when I thought my desk chair and my little old chairs from my childhood room in my parents'house needed some boost. I brought them with me when I started to study at the university in Munich - so I used my sewing skills to create some nice slipcovers from old pieces of silk and draped my old chairs with them - never knowing that this would be an "official design element" in interior design - LOL. I was so proud of them - unfortunately I don't have a photo any more as everything went to the place many years ago where all things go to one day...
    I wished I could show you a pic!
    Greetings, Petra

  28. OOOO, I'll have to come back to this post and check all of these sites you've given. The photos look wonderful. laurie

  29. Coronation VintageJuly 20, 2009 at 1:48 PM

    Hi Joni,

    I found your blog through my friend Courtney's blog, Inside the Loop!
    Wonderful work!

    I just love Jane Schott..and will miss her talent and energy here in H-Town! Knowing Jane and her pioneering spirit..Florida is in for a real treat!!